A little something for my wife

I work hard. Late nights are common. It’s important to do something for my family, especially my wife. Below is a list of things I’m considering buying her as a gift. What do you think?

Vacuum: I know what you are thinking. Trust me, I’m only considering this because she asked. A vacuum is one step below a gym membership as a wife gift. You only give it if she asks for you it has she is staring at you in your eyes with a smile. A mention in passing does not qualify. I’m thinking about the iRobot anyway.

Cashmere: My wife loves cashmere. I think about a sweater, top or poncho.  I’m not sure which one yet.  There are a few good stores online with lots of color options. I get too confused when I go into a women’s clothing store.

Jewelry: What woman doesn’t like jewelry? I’ve not given her a diamond in a long time.  Maybe a necklace? A heart necklace is most likely the direction I will consider.

Silk: How about a silk scarf? Not a bad idea, because you can get them at a reasonable price. I think I might combine the scarf with something from the online cashmere store. 

Gifts are not easy to buy for other people. I know what I want! A nice Bentley will do. Yeah, a little out of my price range.  Of course, if I get her a vacuum and me a Bentley I’m well aware where both will end up.