How To Prepare For Your Big Move

Moving tipsBefore The Move

Keep these ideas in mind to make your move a little easier. Sometimes we feel doing it ourselves will save money. Moving is hard work and always takes longer than expected, especially if you move yourself. So, we recommend hiring a moving company. We use White Star Movers in Michigan, however, you can find a good local moving company near you on sites like Angies list.

  • Organize: Organize everything to the best of your ability — ahead of time. Box things up well and don’t think you can throw it all together at the last minute.
  • Label: Label everything. No, you will not remember. Make sure the movers know which room each item and your boxes go to.
  • Timing: Do you know moving company rates are higher at the beginning and end of the month? This is when most people move at the end of a lease or mortgage agreement. Try and schedule at time mid-month. And, if you can, avoid weekends.
  • Pair Down: Moving is a good time to weed through your stuff. If you’ve not used it in six months, get rid of it. You most likely don’t need it.
  • Photos: Some people have trouble letting things go. This is especially true if there is an emotional attachment. Take photos of the stuff you wish to hold on to the memories, but don’t need. If you have expensive or fragile items keep photographic records for insurance.
  • Copies: Make copies of important documents.
  • Categorize: Organize everything in categories.
  • Donate: Donate the stuff you don’t want. You will feel much better about letting the stuff go.
  • Disconnect: Schedule your disconnect times before the move. Do you need to connect at the new location?
  • Change your Address: Don’t forget to plan ahead and change your address. You can do it online through the postal service.

Here are a few questions to ask the moving company (source):

  1.  What are the insurance terms for the move?  Does the insurance cover the full value of the item?
  2.  Is the quote price an estimate or a “not-to-exceed” ceiling?
  3.  Are there any hidden fees?
  4. How long has the company been in business?
  5.  Is the moving crew employed by the company, temporary hires or casual laborers?

It doesn’t matter if you are moving your home or office. Moving can become expensive, especially moving over state lines. Organization is very important. Plan things out and start on the process early. List all the items you want a company to move and organize the items you want to move on your own.


The best Royal Oak Shipping Service

Quick in and out shipping

If you found this post you are most likely looking for shipping services in Royal Oak Michigan. You have a few options. The various shipping outlets such as FedEx and UPS do have stores in Royal Oak. Unfortunately,  I find them hard to get to when I’m in a rush. Of course, I’m always in a rush.  Goin’ Postal Royal Oak  is easy to access from Woodward. This makes it convenient for both Royal Oak and Berkley residents.  I live in Berkley and work in Royal Oak.

I know you may not be familiar. The name may put you off a little too. I get it, get over it, your time, money and convenience is worth it. It’s a good franchise and the local owner has nothing to do with the name. The staff is very nice and makes sure I’m taken care of every time I visit the store.

They have a lot of services. Check out their website for a complete list. I like the fact that I can select from multiple shippers.  The Goin’ Postal team can usually find me a good price among the major shippers. The only down side is when I need to ship UPS. The UPS store usually has a better price for UPS shipping.  I usually go to Goin’ Postal anyway. It generally depends on the size of the package.

Mailbox Option

Although I don’t have one, I’ve noticed they have private mailboxes you can rent at the store. It’s worth considering if you own a small business. The link above goes to a list of reasons, I found on their webiste, for having a private mailbox.

If you have had an experience with this or any other shipper in the area, leave a note in the comments.

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