Chair Massage For Work Place

You have a couple options to reward your employees. A professional to come to your work and give the team a massage or purchase a massage chair. Buying a massage chair is often not the first option employers consider. Yet, if you think about it. A 10 minute rest and massage during the work day… Continue reading Chair Massage For Work Place

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Zoom Party Ideas

Hosting the Best Virtual Birthday Party The typical birthday party is changing in the age of social distancing. Usually you spend days (or even months) planning a party, hours preparing with cooking, cleaning and decorating, and then spend time enjoying the fruits of your labors with friends and family. Now, the only requirement is getting… Continue reading Zoom Party Ideas

Section 1031 Exchange Rules

Section 1031 Exchange Replacement Property Rules Let us start off with what most people are looking for the steps for a 1031 exchange. Here are the 8 steps of a 1031 exchange: First, sell your investment property. Then, give the capital gains to a qualified intermediary. Identify a like-kind property within 45 days of sale.… Continue reading Section 1031 Exchange Rules

How To Save Money With Landscaping

Money-Saving Landscaping Tips To get a bargain on landscaping items such as soil, plants, wood, and landscaping rocks you need to a plan. When spring comes, you want to improve your outdoor living.  It’s challenging, prices for materials, for example, lumber, fluctuate seasonally.Below are some tips to keep in mind when you shop for your… Continue reading How To Save Money With Landscaping