Chair Massage For Work Place

You have a couple options to reward your employees. A professional to come to your work and give the team a massage or purchase a massage chair.

Buying a massage chair is often not the first option employers consider. Yet, if you think about it. A 10 minute rest and massage during the work day can improve productivity. Even better, less stressed and happier employees.

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Chair Massage Vs. Massage Chair

A chair massage is different than a massage chair for your office.

A chair massage is using a special chair which you sit leaning forward into the massage chair with your face placed in a plush face cradle while massage therapist massages your neck, back, and arms.

The bonus of corporate chair massage is that your team doesn’t have to leave the office to relieve stress and improve their health from the benefits of massage.

However, a professional is generally not on standby for your team. It’s common for a company to set a specific time for the therapist to visit your office. Emplyees of then walk up, first come first service style or use a sign up list (recommended).

A massage chair is always at the ready for your team. Make sure you have a sign up sheet and show everyone how to properly clean the chair after they are done.

Massage chairs offer many of the same benefits as a professional massage therapist.

Benefits of massage at the work place include:

  • Stress The ability to take a short break from work has long-term effects on stress reduction. With less stress, your employees are be better able to handle work pressures and are less likely to suffer from burnout.
  • Better focus – Overworked and stressed out Employees that are,will have a difficult time focusing at work. Since massage helps to improve sleep quality and reduce stress levels, employees will have sharper minds and be able to concentrate better on tasks.
  • Prevent muscle tension and injuries – When employees work at a desk over long periods of time it can leave people with neck, back, and shoulder pain. Regular computer use can also cause problems like repetitive strain injuries. Massage helps to relieve muscle tension to prevent the occurrence of chronic pain or injury.
  • Happy Employees – Bonuses like office massages can make employees feel valued because they see that you view their health and wellbeing as important. It also gives them something to look forward to and employees are more motivated and often report higher levels of job satisfaction.

The benefits of massage at work deliver results for both the employee and the employer. Do the math and figure out of a massage chair is a good options for your company team members.

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